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We want to help you succeed with Simply a Better way to Learn.

At the Academy, our students love the 4 F's:

1. Faster - Completion of classes


Comes from training with the Academy of Learning's exclusive Integrated Learning System. Available only at the Academy of Learning College, this system, along with our helpful staff has helped our graduate’s successfully complete over one million training courses. In today's job market, everyone is looking for a competitive advantage. We can give you that competitive advantage! You can graduate from one of our Diploma programs in 7-12 months

2. Flexible - Start dates & class schedules


With Academy of Learning you can create a schedule that compliments your other time commitments. You can attend for as little as 2 hours per session.  Schools are open weekdays and Thursday evenings to let you accommodate your job, family and other commitments.


You can start right away and begin learning immediately.

3. Friendly - Staff helps every student 1-on-1


  From the moment you walk through our doors, you can see and feel the Academy of Learning difference – the gateway to a new career and a better life.  Our focus is on “showing the student instead of telling”, thereby allowing students to progress one step at a time. Help is always right at hand, whenever you need it.  Instructors are available to provide individual counseling until questions are answered or issues resolved.  Students do all of their course work in a quiet, supportive, non-threatening atmosphere, consistent with the principles of adult learning.

4. Fulfilling - Employment with skills employers need


Yes, you can get ahead!  You really can make a better life for yourself.  We’ve helped thousands of people, just like you, to improve their lives.  They did it and so can you. All it takes is your own desire and a little help from Academy of Learning.  If you want it – you can do it too!


Academy of Learning will always be recognized as Canada’s most effective and respected college, providing career, business and computer skills.


Respond to the dynamics of the ever-changing market with the most relevant, up-to-date solutions for our clients.

Demonstrate a constant commitment to student success and employability.

Creatively meet each client’s specific requirements through the flexibility and customization of our Integrated Learning™ System.

Provide advice and treat each client with care and sensitivity.

Maintain visible and meaningful partnerships with our communities.

Ensure the Integrated Learning™ System remains the most up-to-date, effective learning process.

Strive to meet the highest standards for quality training products, service, and delivery.

Create opportunity for growth and success of Academy of Learning.